Wayne At his Office

Wayne Lytle is a director, composer and the creator of Animusic.


Wayne Lytle was a long time musician, pianist and a drummer. He performed in and composed most of the music for progressive rock bands throughout high school, and later studied classical piano.

He first envisioned his idea of animated music in 1982, while an undergraduate student in music and computer science. In 1988, he joined the Cornell Theory Center, where he could experiment with his idea as a scientific visualization producer. He specialized in composing and later created all the music for Animusic.

He started experimenting with music visualization in 1990, when he created More Bells and Whistles at Cornell University. One year later, Lytle received an award from IBM for his work in computer animated music. Lytle founded Animusic (originally under the name Visual Music) in 1995 with his associate David Crognale. In 1995, he teamed up with David Crognale to create Beyond the Walls. A few years later, they released Animusic 1 originally in 2001 (and re-released in 2004) and Animusic 2 in 2005.[1] They both are making another musical film called Animusic 3 and were hoping to release it in October 2013, but the release date has been postponed and is currently uncertain.

The future of Animusic 3 is uncertain. Crognale has left the company and Lytle has RSI (repetative strain injury). Though Wayne works with his family to finish the third installment.[1]

He now lives in New York State with his wife Patricia and he has two children named Andrew and Elizabeth Lytle.