Resonant Chamber is a very mellow song from Animusic 2. It could be the follow-up of Aqua Harp.


In order they are presented:

  • Eight-stringed classical guitar
  • Seven-stringed shamisen
  • Two-stringed bass
    "Resonant Chamber" - Animusic

    "Resonant Chamber" -

    Resonant Chamber Magic ;;Just listen..

  • Four-stringed lute/mandolin
  • Four-stringed tapped guitar
  • Two-stringed ukulele
  • All fused into one component


  • Guitar: Eb2-Db5
  • Shamisen: Bb4-Bb5
  • Bass: Eb1-F3
  • Lute: Bb3-Bb4
  • Tapped Guitar: F2-C5
  • Ukulele: F2-C#5


  • The classical guitar starts to play, when all the other instruments play. After a while, the song gets the fastest, then the slowest. The song then plays the musical chorus. After the chorus, the song ends.
  • Resonant Chamber was the last piece created for Animusic 2. This led Wayne into a conundrum. Since the instrument itself looks incredibly surreal, Lytle was baffled over what type of music it would play. Whether it should play something classical, or something completely goofy. Ultimately, Wayne mixed the composition so that the instrument could play a mixture of classical and wacky music.
  • In the commentary, Wayne mentions that the skies outside all four windows of the room the instrument is in were not supposed to be evening with different moons, but rather have each window display a different time of day, in an effort to make Resonant Chamber even more surreal than it appears.
  • Bonus Feature: Multi-View: Since the full instrument is incredibly hard to focus on at once, this feature views all 6 components of the instrument into different windows, so viewers can see each part clearly, without camera interruption.
  • This piece has an odd time signature at one point in 10/4 (it comes immediately after the slow introduction)
  • Center Window: Guitar
  • Bottom Right Window: Shamisen
  • Bottom Left/Bottom Center Window: Bass
  • Top Left Window: Tapping Guitar
  • Top Center Window: Ukulele
  • Top Right Window: Lute


  • At 2:46 into the piece, a short brass-like chord can be heard, apparently played by the 8-string guitar.