More Bells and Whistles

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2 minutes and 13 seconds

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More Bells and Whistles was the first music animation created by Wayne Lytle in 1990. It was for the Cornell University. It was also on the Imaginaria DVD.
Imaginaria - 13 More Bells and Whistles (Short Circutz - Animusic)

Imaginaria - 13 More Bells and Whistles (Short Circutz - Animusic)

More Bells and Whistles


A bunch of instruments such as bells, whistles and other instruments play in a room. The stage is mostly made up of marimba, 4 cowbells, 4 wooden blocks, 5 synth drum pads, a brown circular vibraphone, The pink electric guitar, The flutes are appeared to made out of metal, a drum set has a red bass drum with a hit-hat cymbal, 8 blue tom-toms and a snare drum. The stage has a white wall and a grey floor.


In order of appearance:


  • Marimba: C3-Eb5
  • Synth Drums: Bb3-Bb4
  • Pan Flute: C3-C6
  • Vibraphone: F3-Bb5
  • Bells: Bb3, F4, A4
  • Bass: D1-F2
  • Guitar: F2-C5


  • Many of the instruments featured in More Bells & Whistles return (in more or less similar forms) in Animusic and Animusic 2, the most prominent being the vibraphone fountain in Pipe Dream & Pipe Dream 2 and the wooden xylophone in Stick Figures. Varied forms of the other miscellaneous percussion instruments such as the synth laser (Stick Figures and Future Retro), the whistles (Stick Figures, Future Retro, and Aqua Harp), and the church bells (Drum Machine) also return in the two volumes of Animusic, as well as the company's first production piece, Beyond the Walls (Concerto in 3D).
  • This is one of the animations to feature (slight) instrument mobility. Other such animations include Beyond the Walls and Starship Groove.
  • Right before the vibraphone fountain comes out, you can hear a note that is apparently played by an instrument that does not exist.


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