Beyond the Walls is the first music animation created under the name Animusic, and the first video co-created by Wayne and Dave. The video was originally created for VRex under the name Concerto in 3D. It was later included on the Animusic Special Edition DVD as a bonus feature.


A bunch of instruments explore things behind the walls. At the ending, the instruments fly into the space. The stage is mostly made up of a three part drum set and tank-like synth instrument. The stage is brown and the walls appears to made out wood.


In order of appearance:


  • Bubble Machine: E2-F#3
  • Trumpets: E4-A5
  • Tuba: E2-E3
  • Bass: E1-E2
  • Red Lasers: E2-A6
  • Yellow Laser: E2-E6
  • Bass Chorus: G1-F3
  • Treble Chorus: G3-E5



  • This is the first animation to feature instruments with significant mobility. With the exception of instruments arriving into scenes with simple motion, this level of mobility would not appear again until Animusic 2 with Pogo Sticks.
  • Across from the laser-activated door that houses the airplane drums there is an identical door that is never opened. It is unknown what would be behind it.
  • Fiber Bundles could be the follow-up on this animation; it has drums, outer space and electronic objects like this short.


  • Shortly after the wooden walls open up and the shot focuses on the lasers, one of the pyrotechnic cannons disappears suddenly. When the shot pans back out it is shown again.
  • Near the end the yellow laser plays a note too high for its range, causing the beam to briefly disappear.
  • At the end of the song, both the crash cymbal and the helicopter clash cymbal noises are a few milliseconds ahead of the animation.


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