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Animusic HD is a computer animated video album made by Wayne Lytle,David Crognale,Jeff Garrard & Steve Deffeyes. The DVD was framed as Stunning Computer-Animated Music. The DVD also had 12 animations in total ( including 3 animations from the Animusic 1 DVD). Eric Chauvin & Larry Seyer also contributed in this video.

DVD SpecsEdit

  • NTSC format (the standard in North America). 
  • 1080i HD.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround 
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo 
  • DTS-HS high defintion audio
  • All Region (enabled for playback worldwide) 
  • Optimized for settop Blu-ray players (or PS3's), not computers.
  • Fantastic compression (by Sony)!

Track listingEdit

Track List Length
Pipe Dream 3:23
Starship Groove 4:07
Pogo Sticks 3:20
Resonant Chamber 4:31
Cathedral Pictures 6:08
Pipe Dream 2 3:45
Fiber Bundles 5:16
Gyro Drums 4:13
Heavy Light 6:31

Special FeaturesEdit

All the animations were rendered in HD and had construction sets for animations.


  • From Animusic, high bit rate...
  • Animusic 1 Trailer
  • Animusic 2 Trailer
  • Inside Animusic 1
  • Inside Animusic 2
  • Resonant Chamber Multi-View
  • Gyro Drums Quad-View
  • Pipe Dream Split-Screen
  • Pipe Dream Set Construction
    • All other set constructions
  • Animusic 2 Stills