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The front cover.

"Animusic, The Soundtrack was a  soundtrack made by Wanye Lytle in 2002. It was a soundtrack to the Animusic 1 DVD. The CD was framed as Video Album Soundtrack. The CD was also sold with the Animusic 1 DVD+CD combo. The music tracks have also been re-mastered to make them as dynamic and clear as possible in the soundtrack. Most sound effects of tracks that appeared have also been removed (although the water in Aqua Harp and the grinding gears in Drum Machine remain). The DVD also had 10 tracks in total, all composed by Wayne Lytle.

Track listingEdit

Future Retro 4:44
Stick Figures 5:23
Aqua Harp 3:45
Drum Machine 3:22
Seventh Alloy 4:27
Pipe Dream 3:23
Acoustic Curves 5:35
A Slight Delay 6:07
Harmonic Voltage 5:53
The Harvester 5:40